Client → Nissan USA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Interactive Designer at Critical Mass, 2015
Contribution → Ideation, App Brand Design, Face Paint Design
Die Hard Fan
Digital Face Painting App
A sponsorship deal between Nissan and the NCAA inspired Critical Mass to create Diehard Fan, a digital face-painting app.​​​​​​​ Fans were able to try thousands of custom hand painted designs directly on their digital face.
Case Study Video
App Branding
App Screens
A team of professional artists hand-painted our face mask designs on real models. A repository of designs was created, then digitally face-mapped with advanced face-tracking technology to ensure a high level of realism.
Professional Face Painter Applied Our Designs
Use Cases
Awareness for the app was hyper-localized, targeting specific states, specific schools, and even specific rivalries. Custom deliverables were created for team Facebook pages, even for large stadium screens, spreading Die Hard Fan like amongst contacts, friends, and campuses. 

The app allowed users to track their movements in real-time, snap a picture, or record a their best cheer, generating a ton shareable content.
Localized for States, Schools, and Rivalries 
User Generated Content
In the first month alone:
–Hit #1 In the App Store “Sports” Category
–Over 100 Million Impressions
–Over 41 Million Face Paints “Tried On”
–2.7 Million Photos and Videos Taken
–1.4 Million Shares
–10 Minutes Average Time Spent With the App
Apple App Store

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