Client → AT&T​​​​​​​
Art Director at Critical Mass, 2018
Contribution → Ideation, Art Direction, Design, Animation for Campaign Video, Photography, Interactive Content
More For Your Thing
Campaign Overview
AT&T gives you more for "your thing" thanks to smartphones with unlimited data plans. This was the idea behind a major campaign which we developed many different executions to target audiences at key cultural moments.
More For Your #Adulting Thing
Interactive Social Campaign
Growing up isn't always easy. Even small productive life choices can sometimes feel like a major triumph. 

When tasked with selling smartphones and data-plans to recent college graduates, we leveraged a popular hashtag to create a relatable campaign which celebrates comically small victories which show how AT&T makes #Adulting easy.
Online Preroll Ad, Instagram Story Ad, Sponsored Social Carousel
Designing for Social Feeds
In an age where attention spans are extremely short, we had to deliver our message within the first three seconds of the ad. We animated colorful type design and branded graphical elements through out the campaign. We also used dynamic camera movements to grab attention, enticing users not to skip the ad.
Preproduction Storyboards
Custom Type Design and Animation
Our campaign message had to be dynamic and built to be scaled as it had to be rendered in many different sizes and durations including :30, :15, and :6 seconds spots, as well as a still image.
15 Second Instagram Story Ad
Facebook Carousel Sponsored Post
More For Your Sleighin' the Holidays Thing
Interactive Social Campaign
The Holidays are supposed to be easy, but they're loaded with expectations and obligations. That’s why nothing feels better than being on top of your game.

Thanks to products and services from AT&T, the Holidays are easier than ever. Whether you’re sharing, connecting or giving the perfect gift, you’re killing it. You’re slaying, or "sleighing" the season.

When you slay, you’re bolstered with confidence. It’s about swagger. It's a modern, authentic and culturally relevant attitude expressed online with popular hashtags such as: #slay (8.9M), #gramslayers (3.2M), #slaying (795k), #slayallday (368k).
Design and Execution
​​​​​​​Capturing the essence of this attitude was the goal at every decision making point. We explored a number of typographic treatments for the campaign. Branded elements such as neon lights and camera bokeh provided the body of work with a consistent look and feel. Preproduction storyboards were used to fine tune scripts, casting, costumes and set design.
"Slay it" Attitude Inspiration
Campaign Identity Exploration
Animated Type Over Video Direction
Preproduction Storyboards Example
Kira Cinema Robotic Arm
Under Creative Director Andrew Lavery and Senior Copywriter Jeff Kubik, I provided Art Direction for 11 scenes filmed and photographed over a 5 day production. The ads which ran in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat delivered brand awareness and offers for AT&T Mobility, Prepaid, DirecTV, and Internet to consumers.
30 Second Preroll Ad
15 Second Snapchat Ad
15 Second Instagram Story Ad
Facebook Newsfeed Sponsored Posts
Still photography was a big component of the shoot. After the scene was captured on film, I directed photography to capture the scene as a still image. The images had to be versatile as they would later be used to communicate the ads in static social-posts and animated banners of many different sizes.
Interactive Scroll Ad Unit

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